Culture award of the city Aalen

Contract with the city of Aalen
FAME and the city of Aalen created the Esperanto cultural prize which honors people, institutions, or organizations. In this contract the city helps with services during the awarding of the prize.
Highest prize
The award consists of a 3,000 Euro prize, which is the highest prize money in the Esperanto world. The award can also be divided between several winners. Through this prize FAME and the city of Aalen want to:

  • support Esperanto culture
  • create more interest in Esperanto culture
  • strengthen in the public the idea of Esperanto as a cultural language
  • strengthen the seat of the German Esperanto Library

Who can receive the prize?
According to the regulations people, organizations, and institutions can receive the Esperanto Cultural Prize who:

  • over extended time
  • gained merit related to the supporting and stimulating of international understanding
  • within the framework of the costitutional aims of the FAME foundation
  • through the creation, authoring, use, or distribution of cultural works

Past prize winners
Past recipents of the cultural prize:

  • Esperanto cultural center and their library C.D.E.L.I., the Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
  • Ito KANZI (Ludovikito), Japan
  • Professor Richard Schulz, Germany
  • Bruno Vogelmann, Germany
  • Heroldo de Esperanto, Italy
  • Spomenka Stimec, Croatia
  • Fonto, Brazil
  • Marjorie Boulton, Britain
  • William Auld, Britain
  • Adolf Burkhardt – Bernhard Eichkorn – Albrecht Kronenberger, Germany
  • The music group Kajto, The Netherlands
  • The International Cultural Center in Herzberg, Germany
  • The International Esperanto Institute in The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Halina Gorecka and Aleksander Korzhenkov, Russian Federation
  • Floréal Martorell, France
  • Karl Heinz Schaeffer and Utho Maier, Germany
  • Katalin Kovács, The Netherlands
  • Ilona Koutny, Poland